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Gasification is based on thermo-chemical process,
during which the input biomass raw material is converted to a combustible gas (known also as Syn-Gas or Wood gas). Gasifier unit is essentially a chemocal reactor, where several thermo-chemical processes take place: drying, pyrolysis, combustion and reduction.
Most biomass materials (wood, straw, grass...) can be converted into syngas, which comprises of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

We offer two models of gasifiers:


Universal biomas Gasifier

UG type gasifier can work on different kind of biomass, which should be grinded to size less than 2 mm and with water content of max. 12%. It works in "Entrained flow principle". Gasification process of biomass particles is very quick (1-4 sec.), because gasification occurs at 1200 - 1600°C. Produced syngas has only traces of tar and carbon conversion is very high.

Characteristics of Universal gasifier :

  • biomass flexibility
  • biomass fuel size, is to be limited to <2 mm, water content max. 12%
  • dry Syngas cleaning only, no tar present
  • different kind of biomass: wood, soya husk, sunflower husk, straw, ...
  • very small footprint of gasifier
  • typical payback is within < 48 months
  • very low maintenance, no operative risk, easy to operate
  • modular assembly
  • High carbon conversion: > 98 %
  • operation range from 40% - 100 %power output
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Feedstock flexibility: Suitable for almost all kind of Biomass (in powder form):

Wood biomass, starw, miscantus, sunflower husk, soya husk...

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Models of Universal gasifiers:

downdraft gasifiers biomass
univerzal biomas gasifiers


Gasification of wood biomass
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