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Nizkotemperaturna depolimerizacija in piroliza - vprašanja:


What is a low temperature catalytic depolymerization?
Low-thermic catalytic depolymerization is a decomposition or cracking of the material without the participation of oxygen.

What products do we get by the low-temperature catalytic depolymerization?
The product categories include:
synthetic gas
synthetic oil, being the mixture of petrol, kerosene and diesel
carbon black

Is the process pollution free?
Yes, the process is pollution free. The process produces neither harmful substances nor waste products.

Is the process safe?
Yes, the process is safe.

Why do not such plants exist so far?
It is a new technology, slowly introduced to the public. Nevertheless, the installation of such a plant should exist in every regional or larger city. And, of course, in the industrial companies producing mass quantity of the polymer waste.

What are license formalities to be completed?
No permission is necessary for the production of fuel such as synthetic oil. A special license is necessary for the refinement of the synthetic oil to diesel, petrol and kerosene.

What is the use of the synthetic oil, recovered from the plastic waste, rubber or tires?
Direct application is possible in the following cases:

Can we produce petrol or other products of refinement?
Yes, the refinement is possible for the production of the following products:

What are the production costs of the fuel from plastics/rubber?

What marketing effort is required?
We have the analyses of products, prepared by a renowned and certified laboratory. As the fuel is cheaper and has better quality, required marketing effort is nearly zero as the customers get benefits.

Can we obtain a carbon credit?
Yes, you can. You should apply for the sale by virtue of the significant CO2 savings.

What is raw material availability?
More than 15,000 metric tons of the plastic waste/tires are produced in the Europe every day. Therefore, the use of the plastic products is continuously growing; consequently, the raw material availability will be increasing, too. The raw materials are available in the sufficient quantity.

Is this technology time tested?
Is this technology time tested? Yes, the technology has been in operation over the past 10 years, and we have already installed totally 45 plants both in India and abroad.

What is the warranty/guarantee for machinery?
The plant is equipped with only a few moving parts; thus, the wear and tear are reduced. We provide one-year guarantee for our machinery calculated from the installation provided that the plant attendance staff follows the directions for use related to our equipment and maintenance schedule.

What are the after-sales services?
The after-sales services, such as service, guarantee extension option etc., are available.

What is the warranty/guarantee of the depolymerization technology oil yields?
Within the framework of rendered technical services we provide guarantee of yield of the individual depolymerization process components produced by the technologies, which we deliver.



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