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GB Pyrolysis – supplier of depolymerization plants


Depolymerization plants delivered by GB Pyrolysis

Depolymerization plant is a system of energy production from renewable sources. Depolymerization plants are designed to produce high quality fuel from polymer waste. Depolymerization plant or depolymerization system is an industry engaged in conversion of waste plastics and tires to usable products such as:

Depolymerization of plastic waste and tires offers following advantages:

  • Recovering energy and waste evaluation in the form of fuel and charcoal
  • Reduction of soil pollution with plastics, waste oils and tires
  • Environmentally friendly plastic, oil and tire recycling
  • Commercially feasible process
  • The final product is used as a substitute for light diesel oil (LDO) / fuel oil
  • Perfect solution of polymer waste management
  • Raw material is easily available

piroliza depolimerizacija organskih odpadkov

odpadne gume depolimerizacija















PDF plant in Slovakia - 20 ton/day plastic depolymerisation



Contact: COGENERA, Artim, razvoj in projektiranje d.o.o, Virmaše 210, 4220 Škofja Loka, Slovenia
+386(0) 40 427 173, rado.irgl(at)artim.si

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