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Biomass heat and power
Waste palstic and tires processing
ORC - Green Machine - heat recovery



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Company Artim d.o.o. has 10 years of experience in biomass heating and CHP
- we have more than 200 references with biomass and solar heating from 10 kW to 3 MW
- planning and construction of biomass gasification CHP plants. Universal gasifiers and downdraft gasifiers for clean syngas from 150 kW to 3000 kW of thermal output.
- ElectraTherm ORC units "Green Machine" for low temperature waste heat utilization - can generate from 20 - 65 kW of electricity
- Innovative technology for processing of waste plastic and used tires to PolyFuel and active carbon - "Low Temperature Catalytic depolymerisation"


ORC green MachineElectricity from low temperature waste heat

ElectraTherm’s Green Machine generates fuel-free, emission-free electricity from low grade waste heat (77-116°C), utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies. Machines are fully packaged with outputs up to 65kWe for distributed power generation. Fully automated controls system with remote monitoring and operating capabilities via Internet connection. Input heat power from 350 - 860 kW.

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combined heat and powerBiomass heat and power units for syngas

High efficiency of CHP units - 33 - 38% electric power and 50 - 55% thermal power. Syngas from our downdraft and universal gasifiers is tar free and dust free, so units has long life and low maintenance. Electric power from 200 kW to 3000 kW. CHP units can be preinstalled in container or can fit in engine room. Suppliers of cogeneration units: Guascor, TEDOM, Jenbacher, MWM Deutz, Cummins.

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Processing of waste tires and plastic to fuel

Inovative technology for waste plastic and tires processing, the outcome of which is patented fuel Polyfuel®, i.e. a hydrocarbon liquid, composed of petrol, kerosene and diesel. Depolymerization technology is energetically self-sufficient and for its operation uses the outlet raw materials. Time-tested technology guarantees very high efficiency of the depolymerization process.

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soproizvodnja na lesne sekanceUniversal and downdraft biomass gasifiers

For gasification of wood biomass we offer downdraft gasification technology. It works on wood chips and small pieces of wood. For other wood biomass and for agriculture leftovers Universal gasifier is more suitable. Principle is "entrained flow gasification" and it can produce clean high quality syngas from and powdered biomass. it has high carbon conversion and high efficiency.

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biomass boilersBiomass heating
wood chips, pellets

Modern gasification biomass boilers for house heating and small or large district heating. Heating on log wood, chips or biomass pellets is much cheaper than with heating oil or gas. Boilers have long life and excellent user friendly regulation.
Power range of heating installations is from 10 kW do 10 MW.

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energy saversElectricity regulator and power saver

When you install a ES Electronics unit, it improves power quality on a site dramatically. The way of optimizing voltages reduces the reactance of some electrical equipment, so we can see an overall improvement in power factor on the site. ES unit protects the equipment and eliminates transients 3 000 to 10 000 V, and harmonics are filtered from the mains. And also by balancing the phase voltages, the ES unit maximizes the efficiency of three-phase equipment.

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