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Hot Air biomass generators, Biomass CHP, Waste to EnergyBoilers and gasifiers

COGENERA has 1ten years of experience in area of biomass heating. Last period we introduce also technology for biomass gasification and power generation.

We offer reliable biomass boilers - running on wood chips and pellets and biomass hot air generators from 50 - 600 kW of power.

We are distributers for technology for biomass gasification and power generation. Small biomass CHP units with 28 kWe and 40 kWe. Larger gasification units range from 100 - 1400 kWe, with one gasification reactor. Island and distributed power generation.

Waste to energy technology and desalination units using waste heat.

Biomass CHP - heat and power - 28 kWe or 40 kWe

Standard biomass CHP container unit for outdoor instalation or compact unit for indor instalation in boiler or engine room. Power output is 28 kWe / 70 kWth or 40 kWe / 100 kWth. Well tested and developed technology of biomass gasification with only dry Syngas cleaning. High level of automation and web control of entire process.
It can operate up to 7800 hours per year. Low costs of maintenance and service. Total more than 80.000 hours of operation on different locations. First reference is Eco village - complete thermal and electrical island operation - for energy needs of 10 family houses. Biomass fuel is dry wood chips.

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Biomass gasification, heat and power: 100kWe - 1400kWe

Biomasss heat and power with downdraft gasifier or universal gasifier. Wide range of wood biomass can be used for production of quality Syngas for thermal aplications or heat and power generation. Inovative technology with very small amount of tar. Gas cleaning only by dry filters, no water scrubbing. Spomple and reliable technology. More than 500 instalations in India - from 100 kW to 3000 kW thermal power.

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ORC Biomass Heat and Power 120-160 kWe + heat

ORC WB-1 unit operates with exhaust gases within the range 350 – 530 °C. Source can be ICE or biomass burner unit. Thermal power at the input to the ORC WB-1 is 450 – 900 kW while the electrical output power is 60 – 160 kW, depending on the input heat fed into the ORC system (power nad temperature).

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Quality biomass - wood pellets and wood chips

Quality wood pellets with ash content of 0,7% and caloric value of 5,3 kWh/kg. 15 kg bags or big bags.

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