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ORC power generation unit

Biomasns burner and ORC unit

Wherever it is possible to burn wood chips or any waste from the processing of wood, such as sawdust or shavings, and where there is a need for process heat and electric power, a woody biomass boiler with an ORC system is an ideal solution and a source of savings.

Based on an assessment of the energy-related aspects and the needs in summer and winter seasons, we will prepare a balanced solution that optimises energy consumption and personnel costs of operation and maintenance of power equipment. The power range is essentially unlimited; our equipment is recommended where the peak energy consumption is 1 to 5 MWh.

A woody biomass boiler with ORC operates fully automatically; the contract includes storage and fuel feed facilities, the boiler, flue gas ducts and chimney, and the ORC with a control system allowing remote management.

The ORC system can also be connected to the existing hot air boiler.


  • - Optmisation of thermal and electrical energy costs

  • - High share of electricity generation in the total energy production

  • - Low cost of operation and maintenance

  • - Operation of the boiler and ORC system in the CHP mode



orc biomasa elektrika kogeneracija


Electric power output depend of desired secondary hot water output - from 50 - 85 deg. C.

Heat and power ORC


PDF file - ORC power generation


Engine Genset and ORC unit

When using exhaust gas from the engine of a cogeneration unit running on natural gas, Syngas or diesel, the connection of the engine + ORC Vario can achieve an increase in efficiency of electricity generation while retaining the primary need – heat production. From such an industrial process, heat can be collected from the secondary cooling circuit of the engine and also from the cooling circuit of the ORC. Both temperatures have the same parameters and, by merging these circuits at the outlet of the heat exchanger, they can be used for heating of buildings and industry. Due to this fact, the ORC Vario system can also be included in the subsidies for CHP plants, the same as a cogeneration unit.

The biggest advantage of using the ORC Vario system with engines running on natural gas is an extension of the safe zone of price fluctuation of natural gas. The high efficiency of electricity generation through CHP + ORC combination means that the operator’s business activities will be much safer in terms of potential fluctuations in the prices of natural gas, reducing the risk that operation of cogeneration units might become inefficient with rising cost of natural gas. This factor will be especially important if the heat produced by the engine is used for other process-related purposes, such as heating greenhouses, etc., where the output commodity (e.g. from greenhouses) is tied to a different market price than the cost of natural gas.


- Increasing the efficiency of the cogeneration unit while retaining heat production

- Stabilising element of business activities

- Cost savings in the preparation phase of the engine installation due to the absence of exhaust heat exchanger amounting to hundreds of thousands of crowns

- Operation of the ORC system in the CHP mode


orc kogeneracija bioplinarne


PDF file - ORC power generation

Industrial applications

Much of the heat from the heavy industry is now dealt with in a very marginal manner, and in most cases the client loses a very valuable commodity – waste heat energy. We offer a solution how to use this heat and produce electricity using the ORC Vario or the hot water ORC systems.

ORC Vario can be successfully applied wherever the flue gases from production process or waste heat in the form of hot air > 350 °C leaves the chimney, without further utilisation. The use of the ORC Vario system brings you not only generation of electricity to meet your own consumption needs within the factory, but also heat in the form of hot water with a temperature 80 °C. With these two commodities, ORC Vario can be categorised as combined heat and power generation – CHP. It is up to the operator which CHP mode they will choose to operate the ORC.

Hot water ORC can be connected to the waste hot water from industry and the electricity produced can be used for home consumption of the facility.


Examples of applications in industry:

- Ironworks

- Forging shops

- Glassworks

- Steelworks

- Foundries

- Brick plants

- Cement and lime factories

- Chemical plants

- Any industrial operations with waste heat > 350 °C available


- Use of waste heat to generate electricity to meet home consumption

- Possibility to use grants for CHP electricity and heat production from ORC Vario

- Cost savings in heating large rooms etc. by connecting the hot water circuit from the ORC Vario system to heating systems of buildings

waste heat ORC


chemical plant waste heat power generation