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Electricity from wood chips

Adopting new renewable energy sources is one of the greatest future opportunities of our planet. Biomass is a good potential alternative to fossil fuels. There is tangible evidence of this from Kempele Ecovillage since 2009. The electricity and heat for the ten houses in Kempele Ecovillage are produced by a biomass CHP-plant in the village using Volter's wood gasification technology. Fuel comes from domestic wood chips. This technique replaces one liter of oil with approximately two kilograms of dry wood. Clean energy is also one of the fastest growing businesses.

We are innovators and pioneers in the development of wood gasification technology. Producing electricity from renewable energy sources does not mean that you have to give up on the comforts you are used to in your home.

ebiomass-CHP team   We have put together our product development team from young and motivated professionals who are fully committed to achieving our mutual goal. Our team is mainly made up of engineers. A high level of education is not, however, the be-all and end-all rather than a shared factor that gives us all a good insight into how to put ideas into practice.

We do not strive to do everything ourselves. Seamless cooperation with our subcontractors who know what we need has made it possible for us to concentrate on the areas we know best. Our personnel and subcontractors have gained invaluable knowhow through solving practical problems.


Container micro CHP unit - cogeneration on wood chips

The container-packed biomass CHP-plant produces, for example, enough electricity and heat for the annual needs of a farm or an entire small housing estate.

Electricity is produced by gasifying wood chips. Waste heat from the process can be used in hydronic underfloor heating, preheating of air-conditioning or domestic water, for example. Your CHP-plant can be landscaped to match your own surroundings.

We offer :

Volter 30 biomass - CHP with 28 kW net electric power output

Volter 40 biomass - CHP with 40 kW net electric power outpurt

mikro SPTE na lesno biomaso
kogeneracija na lesno biomaso


First European "Eco village" - 100% energy independent

The Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) selected the ecovillage as the most significant Finnish construction project of the year 2010. The village is Finland's first housing estate that is self-sufficient in terms of energy and off the national grid.

The ecovillage has been a product development platform for Volter technology. The community’s CHP-plant produces electricity and heat for ten houses. The office and product development premises of the company are also situated in the ecovillage. Completed in spring 2009.

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biomass heat and power cogeneration CHP


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biomass heat and power cogeneration CHP


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